Press release: Were Daniel Craig’s ancestors more deadly than Bond?

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We find out in the latest research by Discover Your Ancestors

  • Genealogist discovers Bond star descends from long line of action men and overseas adventurers
  • Ancestor Vice-Admiral Sir William Burnaby, a colourful 18th-century swash buckling dandy, destroyed privateer sloops in true James Bond style
  • Daniel Craig’s namesake Daniel Chamier, hailed as a Huguenot hero, was mortally wounded in 17th-century Siege of Montauban

New research published in the latest annual print edition of Discover Your Ancestors by leading genealogist Laura Berry, reveals that 007-star Daniel Craig’s 6-x-great-grandfather, was swashbuckling naval officer Sir William Burnaby (c1710–1776). The 18th-century dandy may well have been more deadly than Bond.[1]

In 1743 Burnaby captured two privateer sloops off the Puerto Rican coast, destroyed another two and burnt a sloop in Aguada Bay. Quickly promoted through the ranks, he went on to become Commander-in-Chief in the Gulf of Mexico.[2]

The news comes as Daniel Craig is pictured filming the forthcoming Bond film Spectre in Mexico City amidst celebrations of the Day of the Dead. Far from finding skeletons in Craig’s family tree, the research has unearthed plenty of ancestors for the actor to be proud of.

Celebrity genealogist Laura Berry made the astonishing discoveries using wills, parish records and biographical sources on “So many more historical records have been made available online in recent years that I was quickly able to dig a lot deeper into Daniel Craig’s roots.” said Berry.

French Huguenot roots

Digital copies of parish registers from the French Protestant Chapel ‘Les Grecs’ in Soho, London, revealed that Craig’s 6-x-great-grandmother Judith Chamier was the grandchild of a Huguenot émigré who fled France in the 17th century after Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes.

Their ancestor Daniel Chamier was instrumental in drafting the Edict in the 16th century with Henry IV of France, which granted Calvinist Protestants (known as Huguenots) the right to worship freely in Catholic France following a succession of bloody religious wars. Tensions rose again in the 17th century, however, when Daniel Chamier was mortally wounded during the Siege of Montauban in 1621.[3]

Burnaby and the Chamiers are just some of Craig’s ancestors who saw action overseas, with several English predecessors serving for Crown and Country and various branches venturing to India.

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