We have now published a number of printed books. We are also releasing printed compendiums of articles from issues of Discover Your Ancestors Periodical, previously only available in digital format! First published in December 2015, these are proving very popular.

Researching & Locating Your Ancestors by Celia Heritage

How should you approach researching your ancestors? In this wide ranging but succinct guidebook, professional writer, lecturer and genealogist Celia Heritage offers expert advice on how to get started using the main online and offline records, and then take research further using a variety of lesser-known resources. In it you will find guidance on subjects including:

  • Research methodology and how to record what you find
  • Key Victorian records: birth, marriage and death certificates, and censuses
  • Maps, tithe and enclosure records
  • Parish and nonconformist registers
  • Gravestones and memorial inscriptions
  • Newspapers and inquest records
  • Wills and probate records
  • Parish chest and workhouse records
  • Occupational records, including the armed forces
  • Court and manorial records
  • School registers



Discover-Your-Ancestors-Occupations-by-Laura-BerryDiscover Your Ancestors’ Occupations by Laura Berry

This informative book shows how occupations can help give a more detailed picture of your ancestor’s life and how trades affected their well being. As well as taking a look at digital records, it also covers some of the more unusual documents available in archives for ancestors who worked in agriculture, trade and industry, the professional classes and the entertainment sector.

Going further, you can also look at living history museums where all the family can get a flavour of life as a Victorian workhouse master or blacksmith, as well as some of the courses out there for you to try your hand at your ancestor’s trade.




Regional Research Guidebook by Andrew Chapman

Every part of the United Kingdom has its own, distinctive history – not just the major battles and key historical events which may have played out there, but also the smaller details of everyday life which impinged upon the actual lives of our ancestors more directly. The team behind the popular family and social history magazine Discover Your Ancestors has put together a region-by-region guide to the United Kingdom which will give you a flavour of each area’s history and a run-down of the many useful resources available to researchers, including:

  • Details of typical occupations in each area
  • Common surnames
  • Online data resources
  • Record offices, family history societies and regimental museums
  • County boundary changes

The British Isles have so much diverse history and character, it’s a real pleasure to explore it through your family history. This book will provide a useful reference tool to keep at hand!




Discover Your Ancestors Periodical Compendium May-December 2013

For the first time you can read the Discover Your Ancestors Periodical in print. With over 100 pages, this compendium is packed full of features, stories, case studies, social history articles, and research advice from the May-December 2013 issues.